Adjustable Camera Wrist Strap

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Adjustable Camera Wrist Strap

Our handcrafted camera wrist strap is made from 4/5mm thick leather, solid brass hardware, and available in our standard colour range: veg tan, black, and brown to suit your aesthetic or to match your other gear. Each camera strap comes with a 20mm brass split ring to attach to the eyelets of your camera.

Each camera wrist strap comes with a 20mm brass split ring to attach to the eyelets of your camera. We have tested these with an array of cameras and the 20mm diameter straps fit well with a wide range from modern Canon and Nikon and vintage film cameras like optima and Olympus.

A comfortable, hard-wearing, stylish wrist strap that will age and develop with you as you record your own journey. 

**Please note leathers are a natural product and all our products are crafted by us, by hand. We cannot guarantee two products will be the exact same. What we can guarantee is every product has equal measures of care, passion, and consideration poured into it.**


Please allow 4 working days for the production of your handmade camera wrist strap.  

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Once your camera wrist strap is complete it will be shipped quickly and trackable through the DHL website/app. You will be notified through SMS and email throughout its journey for your peace of mind. 

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